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The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation visits the Porto Velho North Zone Campus |  general

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation visits the Porto Velho North Zone Campus | general

Posted in 12/17/2021 at 4:05 pm

Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rondônia, Campus Porto Velho, the northern region, received Thursday morning (16/12) the visit of the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Marcos Pontes. The meeting with professors and researchers from IFRO and other institutions took place in the auditorium, through Federal Deputy Colonel Chrisóstomo (PSL/RO), who accompanied the Minister in launching the Centelha programme, in the capital of Rondônia.

During the conversation, Pontes demonstrated opportunities to enhance research and development for projects funded by Finep/MCTI and CNPq/MCTI. In addition, the Minister explained the functioning of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, highlighting the importance of the Vocational Training Network. “[…] I hope to rely heavily on federal institutes, universities, vocational schools and technical schools all over Brazil, as we need many technicians. What is the outcome of this training network? He added, “They are qualified professionals,” adding, “We want the state to develop research and transform this knowledge into products and services for the benefit of the state and society and create local job opportunities.”

Uberlando Tiburtino Leite, President of IFRO, thanked the MCTI delegation’s visit and also commented on the participation of representatives from 14 IFRO partner institutions in the event. Uberlando also highlighted Rondônia’s potential, saying, however, that more investment is needed to continue growth. He noted that “despite the difficulties, we were able to qualify through IFRO, in 2020, 11 thousand people.”

Federal MP Colonel Chrysostomo (PSL/RO) highlighted the importance of partnering with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Trade for the development of the state of Rondônia (RO). “I am sure that you come here, Minister, that you will attend IFRO and I will make myself available, and I am already thinking of the future to help this institution, which has all my respect,” he said.

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Also participating in the event was Federal Deputy Mariana Carvalho (PSDB/RO). He said at the end of the event.

Watch the full broadcast of the event at:

With information from MCTI