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The minister says the demolition of the structure on Origo Beach will be “very soon.”  The Public Prosecutor demands compensation of 1.7 million – News

The minister says the demolition of the structure on Origo Beach will be “very soon.” The Public Prosecutor demands compensation of 1.7 million – News

“It is something the APA President is aware of and is following, and very soon, a date and solution will be set, which is demolition [da estrutura]The government official told reporters, on the sidelines of a visit to Terrasse de Boro in the Braga region, adding that this matter is “the responsibility of the APA” and not the ministry.

The promoter of the Grand Beach Club on Origo Beach, in Porto, is demanding compensation of more than 1.7 million euros from APA, due to losses resulting from the implementation of a new project.

The beach support structure, which received positive feedback from all the entities involved, namely the APA, the Douro, Lixues and Viana do Castelo Ports Administration (APDL) and the Regional Directorate of Northern Culture, was under construction in May 2021. The then Minister of Climate Action, João Pedro Matos Fernández, announced It was demolished after controversy and objections arose because it was a concrete project in the sand.

Almost two years later, in March 2023, the Porto Chamber announced the approval of a new architectural project for the construction of the Grand Beach Club, presented by the promoter, after a positive opinion from the APA.

After this announcement and until that month, more than a year ago, the promoter of the Grand Beach Club sent a letter to the APA, to which Lusa was able to reach, demanding compensation in excess of 1.7 million euros.

Asked today whether the government was open to compensating developers for the damage caused, the Minister of Environment and Energy replied: “We are analyzing that.”

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In February, Losa inquired from the Ministry of the Environment about the status of this process and whether it would pay compensation, but on that occasion the authority referred to the APA's response, which merely “explained that it had initiated a procedural contract process to remove the concrete structure from Origo Beach.” “.

The promoting company confirms that it has “the loss related to the cost of the building that received the demolition order, the cost resulting from its demolition, and the cost of reworking the architectural and decorative projects,” in addition to “the loss resulting from the delay in the start of excavation for the concession.”

The promoter is demanding 600,000 euros for “the costs of constructing the building ordered to be demolished”, 140,000 euros for the costs of demolishing the concrete structure, 20,000 euros for “legal advice imposed by the ban and the demolition order”, 73,000 euros for the reworking of the architectural project and 36,000 euros for the costs associated with the reconstruction. Drafting a decoration project.

In addition to these amounts, the promoter is demanding an amount of 883 thousand euros “resulting from a delay of three and a half years in starting to operate the concession.”

“Now, it will not be difficult to understand how feasible this is [novo] “The project being considered presupposes compensation for the above-mentioned losses which, in any case, will always undoubtedly be due,” the letter stated.

The Promoter assumes availability, “in the spirit of cooperation”, to reach an understanding with the APA regarding the global value of the compensation.

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“In this context, we are ready to mitigate the losses resulting from the loss of the aforementioned three and a half years of activity by extending the concession period and waiving the payment of rents for a period considered appropriate,” the investors admit, demanding the “full” payment of the remaining amounts provided.