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The Ministers reaffirm the importance of science in fighting the epidemic

The Ministers reaffirm the importance of science in fighting the epidemic

Today (10) the Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroga, said that there is no other way, if not science, to deal with the historical problems plaguing Brazil in the fields of health and health. The statement came during a seminar Online Designed to monitor projects supported by the federal government, with the goal of meeting public policy needs and the Unified Health System (SUS). The symposium is the result of a partnership between the Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) with the Ministry of Health, and the opening was attended by MCTI Minister Marcos Pontes.

“We have all lived for more than a year affected by the world’s largest health emergency. In opening his speech, Quiroga said:“ Brazil has been included due to the peculiarities of continental dimensions, the heterogeneity of the social and economic development of our nation and the chronic fluctuations present in the Brazilian health system. ”

Kiruga argued that measures aimed at combating the pandemic should be guided by what the science says, and that the partnerships between universities and the sector that have proven effective are relevant in terms of promoting research and innovation in the country, as it is in the United States. Since we are a liberal government with regard to the economy and conservative with regard to customs, we have not been complicit in the diversion of public funds that should be earmarked, for example, in research. The minister, defending the participation of both national and foreign industry, in the research promotion scenario, said, “So we want the private sector to also support the research.

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“There is no other way, other than science, for us to find solutions to face health issues and create a pandemic like this. The answer that will be given to us are the researchers. We have to strengthen our health system. Not only in the field of health care, but above all in research, in the development of the complex.” Industrial sanitary, in productive development partnerships, to transfer technology, in order to provide health system inputs that have a cost-effective health system compatible with Brazil.

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marcos Pontes, also stressed the importance of science and inter-ministerial cooperation for the success of fighting the epidemic. The epidemic has shown us the need for unity and strong science. Pontes said we have highly trained scientists who have given us guidance since February, before the epidemic spread to the country through RedeVirus


RedeVirus is a mobilization organized since February 2020 by MCTI, which brings together professionals in virology and immunology to outline an R&D and innovation strategy. Universities, research units, hospitals and laboratories participated in the initiative in response to the emergence of the new Corona virus.