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The Ministry of Education makes heavy promises to schools that inflate classes.  Penalties and fines will be higher - observer

The Ministry of Education makes heavy promises to schools that inflate classes. Penalties and fines will be higher – observer

The fines will be heavier. Schools that inflate students’ grades will have to pay higher fines, and principals and others involved in these types of disciplinary action will suffer more serious consequences. This announcement was made in Parliament, by the Minister of Education. “We will review and strengthen the sanctions framework In terms of maintaining and guaranteeing the principle of equality more and more,” said Tiago Brandao Rodriguez, speaking on Wednesday before the deputies of the Education Committee.

However, he did not elaborate on when the sanctions would be reviewed or to what extent the government intends to tighten them.

The decision was made after the results obtained with the strengthening of supervision in schools which culminated, for example, in the suspension of the educational director of Externato Ribadouro, in Porto, where the Inspectorate General of Education and Science (IGEC) found evidence of a systematic inflation of students’ grades over a period of time. Several academic years. The college will appeal the decision in court.

Speaking to the MPs, the Minister referred to the “systematic work done by the IGEC (with hundreds of revisions), More than 65 disciplinary cases have recently been initiated. Dozens of disciplinary sanctions were applied. Thiago Brandao Rodrigues added in this case, it is the principle of equal evaluation, which must be preserved among all students.

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The head of the education file affirmed, “After everything we were promoting in this direction, we will continue to work hard for a fair and equitable evaluation.”

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Currently, the Teaching Profession Act – which provides for the initiation of disciplinary actions – provides for measures such as written reprimand, application of fines, suspension from work and inactivity for those found guilty of disciplinary offenses. It also stipulates penalties for expulsion, which are the responsibility of the Minister of Education.

Written reprimand, fine and suspension of duties. A 64 degree inflation results in a disciplinary penalty

In May, when Categories From schools, the Ministry of Education has also released data on IGEC activity. Class inflation, aimed at facilitating students’ entry into higher education, was the goal of the General Inspectorate of Education and Science, and at that time, 66 disciplinary cases were taken. Two have been suspended – due to the defendants having retired or stopped working as provided by law – and the rest starنجم In 64 disciplinary penalties Ranging from a written reprimand, a fine and suspension of duties.

In general, these irregularities had the ultimate goal: banknote inflation. “The offenses detected and punished are of a different nature, including both incomplete preparation of assessment criteria and improper application or verification of their correct application, Being responsible administrators of school groups, non-cluster schools, and educational directors Institutions and teachers of the private and cooperative sector,” he explained, at the time, the office of the Minister of Education, in response to the questions raised by the observer.

Ribaduro Day School’s educational director suspended due to bloated classes

However, the report did not say how many schools are subject to special sanctions or how many public schools, or how the penalties applied are divided.

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Recently, the case of Externato Ribadouro was announced and the positions of its educational director were suspended, by order of the Ministry of Education, due to bloated classes. The private school was also sentenced to a year-long closure, suspended for two years.