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The Ministry of Health confirms five more Delta cases in Petropolis: Three elderly people died

The Ministry of Health confirms five more Delta cases in Petropolis: Three elderly people died

03 / set 19:21

By Newsroom / Tribuna de Petropolis

Late Thursday afternoon (2/9) the Ministry of Health received a notification from the state regarding the identification of five more cases of the delta variant. The cases were identified within a state genomic study among patients who were hospitalized in the public network between August 2 and 16.

  • A 19-year-old patient, a resident of Chakara Flora, has been discharged from hospital in good condition;
  • A 59-year-old woman, a resident of Corias, was transferred to a medical bed, and her condition is stable.
  • Three elderly people, aged 90, 78 and 73, died – all with comorbidities. They lived in Bairro Castriotto, Quitandinha and Cimmeria respectively.

The Health Department once again emphasizes the importance of maintaining the population for preventive care, warning that all groups once called must appear to receive the immunizing agent, and it is necessary to complete the vaccination schedule, while returning to receive the drug. The second dose within the prescribed time.

“We repeat that it is imperative that people turn up to get the vaccination and complete the vaccination schedule, and go back to receive the second dose of the vaccine. The entire MoH team has been dedicated so that we can continue to progress so that the entire population is vaccinated as quickly as possible. It is imperative that people do not stop Vaccination”, the Minister of Health, Aloysio Barbosa da Silva Filho, highlights that despite the progress in vaccination, prevention measures must continue.

“It is imperative that people continue to use the mask in the correct manner, cover their nose and mouth, wash their hands with soap and water or use alcohol gel when this is not possible, and maintain a social distance. Avoiding crowds is still very important. These are life-saving situations. It is important that Everyone continues to play their part,” he highlights.

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