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The Ministry of Health publishes a list of diseases associated with vaccination against Covid-19

The Ministry of Health publishes a list of diseases associated with vaccination against Covid-19



On Wednesday (12), the Health Secretariat begins implementing the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 for people between the ages of 55 and 59 with comorbidities. For this reason, the municipality has issued a list of diseases that are suitable for getting vaccinated (check the box on the side).

Before going to the health unit, a person must make an appointment on the City Hall of Bauru website (, Released since noon on Tuesday (11). At this point the municipality has received 6,775 doses of AstraZeneca / Oxford.

Vaccination for this audience will take place Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., at UBSs and USFs. In the unit, a person must present an ID card, CPF, proof of residency and proof of having one of the comorbidities identified in the National Immunization Plan (PNI) of the Department of State and Health.


Individuals will be able to provide any evidence that they belong to one of these risk groups (tests, prescriptions, medical report, prescription, etc.), as long as a physician’s CRM is listed. In addition, records found in health units can be used.

Correct and correct evidence of comorbidity is essential for vaccine application. In the case of people undergoing cancer treatment, they must have either chemotherapy or radiotherapy currently or in the past six months.

Other immunosuppressive therapies should provide evidence of pathology and the drugs used. On the other hand, people with high blood pressure must have resistant hypertension, or stage III. Those with stage 1 or 2 high blood pressure will only get the vaccine if they have organ damage or other comorbidities.

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Other general

Other masses continue to be fortified in Bauru. People age 60 and over can receive their first dose at UBSs, USFs, and Promai, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Those with Down syndrome and those who have undergone a solid organ transplant and are taking immunosuppressants, ages 18 to 59, can be vaccinated on UBSs and USFs, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. In all of these cases, scheduling is required.

Those with chronic kidney disease who are undergoing dialysis receive the vaccination at their treatment sites. The Health and Education Secretariats have also launched a second dose for educational professionals.

Also, Bauru no longer doses pregnant women

The Ministry of Health will not conduct the Covid-19 vaccination for pregnant women with comorbidities in Bauru. This audience will start receiving the first dose on Tuesday (11). However, the city will follow the recommendation of Anvisa and the state’s health department (read more on pages 14 and 17) and will not initiate immunization.

Those who were due to receive the vaccine at Casa da Mulher were warned by phone not to attend.

The Department of Health will inform the Department of Health of any change in the recommendation or potential release of the use of the vaccine in pregnant women, in accordance with the Technical Regulations of Anvisa, the National Immunization Plan (PNI) of the State Department of Health. Immunization of women in the postpartum period is maintained – women who have given birth to a child up to 45 days.