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The Ministry of Science says it is necessary to monitor monkeypox in animals

The Ministry of Science says it is necessary to monitor monkeypox in animals

Marcelo Morales, Minister of Scientific Research and Training at the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovations (MCTI) said Monday (1) that his ministry should monitor and research monkeypox, a condition that has led to an outbreak worldwide. It caused the first death of a patient in Brazil last week.

In an interview with iG, Morales commented on his portfolio budget, input received and intent to manufacture tests for the presence of the virus, as well as vaccination plans. He also commented on the creation and importance of the Virus Network.

Currently called the POX Chamber and aimed at combating smallpox in monkeys, it was set up to deal with the crisis caused by SARS-CoV-2 in the country, and allowed researchers to actually deal with smallpox in monkeys, who are experienced in dealing with the epidemic. .

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Tests, vaccines and emergencies

According to the minister, the priority at the moment is to develop vaccine tests and stocks and assess the immune status of Brazilians, in addition to monitoring the spread of the disease. It is necessary, for example, to monitor and determine whether wild and domestic animals can be contaminated with the virus, which could lead to much worse crises.

Using electron microscopy, Brazilian researchers have been trying to discover the virus’ structure, its cellular behavior, and the reasons for its transmission in Brazil. According to Morales, the monkeypox vaccine already exists, so it is not up to the country to produce its own vaccine, but to import supplies for RT-PCR and standardization of tests.

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If the spread of the virus increases significantly, we will have to control its transmission through mass vaccination, but this is not necessary at the moment, according to the interviewee. MCTI, at the moment, has a budget of R$3 million for research involving monkeypox, which could be improved in other areas of knowledge.

The deadline for studies on the virus is 24 months, but the Secretary remembers that all the new knowledge gained is already built into the system: this real-time implementation also occurred with covid-19, which is common in emergency situations. Although RT-PCR is the most effective test at the moment, faster tests are being studied, which could help the Unified Health System (SUS) and the Ministry of Health.

source: IG Health

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