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The Miz promises to take the Intercontinental Title from Gunter

The Miz promises to take the Intercontinental Title from Gunter

During Monday’s episode of Raw, The Miz confronted Guenther and promised to take the Intercontinental Championship from him.

It all started when The Miz presented another edition of the Miz TV show, in which Intercontinental Champion Gunter was supposed to be a guest, but Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci appeared instead.

After two members of Imperium insulted The Miz, and he insulted them as well, The Ring General finally came to the ring.

The Intercontinental Champion explained that everything The Miz does is unimportant and that he does not respect the “A-Lister,” which prompted The Miz to insult Gunter.

The “Ring General” criticized the “A-Lister”‘s ring skills and reminded him that he already won the award. The main event From WrestleMania he was the one who gave prestige to the Intercontinental Championship and he will have no problem doing that again.

Gunther laughed at The Miz and shoved him, and somewhat unexpectedly the “A-Lister” showed no fear of the “Ring General” and attacked him, but ended up being attacked by the rest of the Imperium.

At Raw Talk, The Miz left some words of warning for Gunther, promising to take the WWE Intercontinental Championship from him.

What are your expectations for this unexpected rivalry between The Miz and Guenther?

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