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The model receives $ 30 million for allergic-induced brain damage

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a Actress and model Chantel Giacalone suffered brain damage when, eight years earlier, during a conference, she ate a piece of peanut butter and suffered an allergic reaction to food.

The woman, 27 years old at the time, requested assistance from the escalating medical team to ensure the safety of the agreement. However, the team did not have the adrenaline drug used for severe allergies, epinephrine. Chatel did not receive oxygen in his brain for a few minutes, causing damage to his life.

After about eight years, the family managed to win a lawsuit accusing the medical team of negligence, and it has been proven that had the medication been taken, the consequences would have been avoided.

The family will receive compensation in excess of 30 million euros.

The model’s father said, after the verdict, “At least my daughter will get the care she needs. I’m happy about that,” recalling that “every second of her life has changed” after the accident.

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