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“The moment the police arrested Leandro, he was no longer around.”

“The moment the police arrested Leandro, he was no longer around.”

a This Wednesday, singer Leandro was one of Manuel Luis Gocha’s featured guests on his TVI Afternoon Show. The singer recalled his journey to success on stage and also one of his most sensitive moments: the accusation of domestic violence that nearly tainted his career.

Leandro for a long time was “convicted” among the public of a charge of domestic violence, which is surely a lie.

Suri Kona, his former partner and mother of his eldest son Simao, accused him of aggression and violence after the singer ended the relationship – because he caught his partner with another man.

“It was a story that wasn’t mine and it really hurt my career,” says Leandro, who ensures he’s never been violent with any woman.

“The moment the police arrested him for inventing a story, at that time, Leandro was no longer around,” he says, explaining that his personality had changed since the day the authorities took him away.

“This woman was with me at the exact moment I was arrested and she always believed in me,” he continues, recalling that agonizing day and praising the fact that his current partner, Doina, had always believed in him.

Leandro, who was forced to wear an electronic bracelet, remembers this period as one of the most unhappy times in his life.

Despite feeling guilty in the public arena for a crime he allegedly did not commit, the artist saw the case in court six months later, due to a lack of evidence.

Currently, Leandro admits that he forgave his ex-partner and established a friendly relationship with her for the sake of their son.

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