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The Monkey Woman takes the lead!  With the departure of leader Fernando Madureira, Sandra becomes the new president of Dragão – The Mag

The Monkey Woman takes the lead! With the departure of leader Fernando Madureira, Sandra becomes the new president of Dragão – The Mag

The life of the Sandra Madureira She has been turned upside down since the police stormed her home on January 31, with an arrest warrant for her and her husband. Fernando Madureirawithin the scope of Operation Praetorian, which revealed not only the attacks that took place in the General Assembly of the FC Porto, but also schemes to obtain tickets from the club and even enrichment on illegal grounds, which the couple has proven over the years.

Despite the controversy, Sandra was able to be released while her partner remained in detention awaiting trial. However, she was warned that at no time would she be able to set foot in the Estádio do Dragão, make presentations to the team during match hours, as well as contact any member of the supporters, something that was not easy for Macaco's wife to do. . Respect who, after a life dedicated to the club, has already declared that he does not intend to give up power, leaving numerous messages on social media that could cause problems.

Meet Sandra Madureira, the woman behind Macaco, who was captured in Operation Praetorian

The last one was last Tuesday, live on Instagram What the Super Dragões from London did – taking on FC Porto Arsenal. Sandra Madureira could not resist and left several messages to her fan friends with whom she is forbidden to contact. “How proud” was one of the phrases.

Before that, Libinho Ferreira, who takes over the leadership of the Super Drago team in Macaco's absence, wrote a text on Facebook in which he talked about the loyalty he maintains towards Fernando Madureira, which sparked a comment from Sandra. “Loyalty has a high price and inestimable value.”he wrote.

By maintaining contact, Sandra, who has been visiting her husband in prison, shows that she remains the leader in the shadows, ensuring that Madureira's name is not forgotten while the operation continues, which is expected to be for a good period of time. time. Due to accusations that Madureira is the target in Operation Imperial, the leader of the Super Dragões remains under investigation for money laundering, after police confiscated 50,000 euros in banknotes from the couple's home.

A lifestyle that income cannot pay for

In 2021, when they went to court, after the revelations A video in which they threw away a stolen microphone from him CMTV In front of the dashboard of a luxury car, Fernando Madureira and his wife, Sandra, assured the judge that they were in a delicate financial situation, and did not have much income to help. Among the social benefits they received, the total amount was set at 1,500 euros, but the family expenses were already much higher than this amount.

They paid €850 a month to pay for the accommodation they lived in, but there were also €900 monthly fees for a Porsche Panamera and school fees for the young girls, which cost around €800. In total, the couple spent more than three thousand euros on fixed expenses alone, half of which they received, with the court highlighting this fact.

Unlimited luxury! Monkey and Woman flaunt wealth beyond their means on social media

Aside from the monthly fees, it cannot be said that the couple lived a measured lifestyle. He never missed a FC Porto match in Europe, adding to this other trips around the world, such as a luxurious New Year's Eve celebration in Rio de Janeiro.

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Now, in court, Sandra and Fernando Madureira will have to explain how they supported their expensive tastes, because their income did not allow it.

During the search of the couple's home, two BMW cars, a Porsche, and banknotes worth 50,000 euros were seized, which were inside a safe. Furthermore, the couple also owns seven properties in Porto, which are now also under the radar of the authorities, as the two are suspected of sponsoring their millionaire lifestyle based on illegally obtained money.

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