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The moon is shrinking and could harm future space missions

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ShA new study suggests that the Moon is shrinking, and as a result, researchers suggest that we can expect more earthquakes on the surface of Earth's natural satellite, which could hurt future space missions.

As reported by Euronews, seismic activity has been detected in an area identified by NASA as a suitable location for a future mission. But due to this seismic activity, it seems that the US space agency will have to reconsider its plans.

Researchers believe that as a result of this seismic activity, the Moon's diameter has decreased by about 50 meters over the past hundreds of millions of years.

“Our analysis provides the first evidence that these faults are still active and producing earthquakes to this day as the Moon continues to gradually cool and shrink.”can be read in the study, indicating that according to the Richter scale, these earthquakes can reach level 5.

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