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The morning habit that seems harmless, but it harms your sleep

The morning habit that seems harmless, but it harms your sleep

sIt may sound strange, but when you wake up it hurts your night's sleep. The truth is that there is a seemingly harmless morning habit that affects the way you sleep at the end of the day.

Blog aggregator HuffPost spoke with Chester Wu, a sleep medicine specialist, and neuroscientist Chelsea Rorschip to better understand this issue that affects your sleep.

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They reveal that they don't stay in bed and scroll through their phones after the alarm goes off in the morning. “I try not to stay in bed because I definitely feel like it makes me lazier and more dizzy,” Chester Wu says.

“I never stay in bed and do activities that are not related to sleep. This means that when I wake up, I immediately get out of bed and go to another part of the house,” continues Chelsea Rorchib.

“This helps maintain the association in the brain that the bedroom is just a place to rest, which promotes better quality sleep.”

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