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"The most beautiful thing that ever happened to me in my life"

“The most beautiful thing that ever happened to me in my life”

Before joining To you c At the beginning of the school year, on Friday, July 23, Mohammed Boufsi said goodbye to the RMC. The sports journalist could not control the tears at the thought of having to leave himself “Family”.

He decided to change the pitch. When he was one of the leading faces of the game at RMC since 2011, he established himself with his relevant analyzes, but he blew up in the air, journalist Mohamed Boufsi chose to leave radio and join the television team To you c on France 5. The beginning of a new adventure. But if there was a sports consultant at the beginning of this relocation, after ten years of beautiful story this division would be no less painful. Following the announcement of his departure, he also expressed his strong feelings on Twitter.

“It’s become a family”

An emotion that engulfed Mohamed Boufsi again during his true farewell to the RMC. This Friday, July 23, The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes Info speech game He could not hold back his tears as he said goodbye. “I spent 3655 wonderful days at RMC. This is a very beautiful house. This is an incredible house, it gave me a lot of things.” The counselor wiped a tear from his voice. Moved with the intention of leaving his colleagues, Mohammed Boufsi then paid tribute to those with whom he had deep ties : “It’s the most beautiful thing to stay with me, because she gave me everything. I met some great counselors. I was playing ping pong with Kevin shortly before I came. Stephen wrote to me. Meet people like Antoine and Jimmy. It has become a family. This is my family “.

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“This is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me in my life”

Mohamed Bouffi will never forget his years at RMC because they made him not only a journalist but also a man. “I came here as a listener. I came here as a child and as a young man. I leave as a human being.” Thus explained the journalist. All of this is not possible before thanking anyone: “I would still like to thank – this is the most important thing – to the listeners, because they have always been so loving to me … The news I have been getting over the last few days since I made this choice is awesome. It was very difficult for me to explain, but it was the most important thing because I worked and lived for the listeners. Their love is very important to me. “. The Sports Advisor finally thanked the employers and teams of RMC and BFM: “You go there, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever had in my life.”

A moving farewell should be found in the video below.