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E os destaques tecnológicos da semana que passou foram... - ciência, xiaomi, oneplus

The most notable technical developments in the past week were…

Since our priority is the quality of the information that reaches our readers, we’ve selected some articles published over the past week that reflect the most important things that have been said in the technological and scientific world of Pplware.

We talked about several scientific developments, everything that stands out in the new Xiaomi 12, what to expect from the new OnePlus 10R, and much more.

The Pentagon recently revealed that it tested a hypersonic missile — which is difficult for air defenses to detect due to its speed — in early March. This happened shortly after Russia began its invasion of Ukraine.

As far as is known, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia are jointly developing hypersonic missiles.

The Sun, which is in its twenty-fifth cycle, appears very actively with frequent explosions with a huge force that hits the Earth. Plasma balls arriving at our planet cause damage, as we saw recently when half a hundred Starlink satellites were destroyed.

Now, the "corpse" of the sunspot, which erupted on Monday (April 11), has led to a mass expulsion of material destined for us.

Image of the sun shooting plasma on Earth

Despite being an important ally in the fight against harmful bacteria, antibiotics can lead to unpleasant side effects. So a group of researchers has created bacteria that can help protect the gut from antibiotics.

This potential new treatment will prevent diarrhea and other complications associated with it.

Bacteria that protect the gut from the side effects of antibiotics

Smartphones are now more than just communication devices. The various integrated technologies, design and construction of these devices make it a real target for innovation and this is what Xiaomi has created with its new Xiaomi 12 smartphones.

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In addition, they are original content production studios, aiming to "master every moment" and make sure that nothing is recorded, regardless of shooting conditions, speed of object movements or ambient light. In terms of cameras, the development has been significant in both the hardware and the artificial intelligence that makes up the software. Today we will know what Xiaomi has to offer us in this area.

Cameras and design of the new Xiaomi 12 smartphones

It may seem a futuristic method, but the truth is that there are already people who pay their expenses in stores and restaurants without using a physical card or cell phone. His name is Patrick Bowmen, he's 37, and he's home to an electronic chip that was implanted in his hand.

According to him, implantation hurts as much as a pinch.

Microchip deployed for contactless payments

With the development of technology and science in the last half century, the presence of discoveries of this magnitude is a significant milestone. And so, NASA Alloy GRX-810 comes to spark curiosity about this super-strong metal. This alloy was developed by the US Space Agency with the goal of being very light and resistant, and having a set of properties that no other material has, for the manufacture of components used in space.

At the forefront of space exploration for decades, NASA doesn't just build rockets and train astronauts. This organization is heavily involved in research in various fields.

Photo of NASA's Alloy Metal, GRX-810

Many people are already familiar with cryptocurrencies, digital money, and crypto assets, among other concepts. However, everything is still far from being applied and integrated into the daily routine, being just part of a niche market. But is it really so?

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According to the latest information, Nexo and Mastercard have teamed up to create the first payment card with crypto assets that will initially be launched in some European countries.

In recent days, rumors started to surface about the OnePlus 10R model. Amazon "accidentally" published a promotional page for this device, from which the first images appeared. In the end, this will be the name of the smartphone in the global market, however, the company is preparing to place the OnePlus Ace in the Chinese market, with the same design.

What can this smartphone offer?

Once again, we'll give you another reason why technology is an excellent ally for medicine. The robot, developed by MIT engineers, will be used in emergency surgery for patients who have had a stroke.

One of the great advantages is the possibility to perform the operation remotely.

Robot to open blood vessels in the brain after a stroke

Developed by Tango Gameworks (Bethesda Softworks), Ghostwire Tokyo can be considered one of the most memorable games of the first quarter of 2022.

As we've seen over the past few months (see here or here), it's a game that breaks with the studio's legacy of horror titles, and is headed in a different direction.

We've already joined Akito and KK on their adventure through the abandoned city of Tokyo.

To try to make the metaverse as similar as possible to the real meaning, there are specialists who develop the elements that will deal with this detective. This time, the novelty came from a group of researchers, who developed a command that would allow users to touch objects.

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The device is named SpinOcchio.

Metaverse command