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The most notable technological events of the past week were…

The most notable technological events of the past week were…

Last week, we broke down the Pixel 8, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and Huawei Freebuds Pro 3, talked about Motorola and Bose news, and more.

After a long wait, the Portuguese can finally witness the quality of smartphone offerings developed by Google. Although the performance of the Pro sibling is excellent, we can say that the Pixel 8 behaves very well “for its size”.

Toyota, which has always shown that it's in a slightly different position when it comes to investing in the electric vehicle market, is now giving us a great idea of ​​what the Land Cruiser Se Concept could be like in its 100% electric future. Yes, Japanese SUVs are in full swing. Its new generation has arrived full of news, but most of all it is yet to come.

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) have discovered evidence that the Earth's core is leaking. High levels of certain helium isotopes have been found in lava flows in Canada, which the team suggests originated in the planet's core. What is its impact on our lives?

Glass production produces at least 86 million tons of carbon dioxide every year. But now there is good news. A new type of glass promises to cut your carbon footprint in half. Now let's get to know LionGlass.

The world of robotics has emerged to help humans perform some tasks, such as heavier, more dangerous, repetitive, and with certain accuracy requirements. Time passes and it is clear that soon many functions will be handed over to these machines. One case that scares Amazon employees is Digit, a robot with arms and legs, which is being tested in Seattle, USA.

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The iPhone 15 Pro Max, at first glance, looks like a modest upgrade to Apple's flagship smartphone, but it's more powerful than expected. Based on its lighter design, faster performance, useful action button, and capable software, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has already proven its worth. We leave our analysis.

About two weeks ago, Sony announced something that had been expected for a long time. The new PlayStation 5 model has arrived with smaller dimensions and is also lighter. And now an augmented reality image has been revealed, which shows that the new PS5 is actually much smaller than the original model. Moreover, it seems that the new model will arrive on November 8.

Elon Musk promised many new features for X when he bought this social network. He started by tidying up the house and removing all the extras, so now he can start bringing in some new things. The latest one, which is starting to appear to everyone, provides the ability to make and receive voice and video calls.

Here, we already had the opportunity to test some of Bose's proposals, with very positive feedback. Now, we discover the new generation of QuietComfort headphones and headphones, as well as new speakers, in particular, the SoundBar Ultra.

Technology is leaps and bounds, so we often see new (or even more) strange proposals. Now, Motorola has shown off its flexible smartphone that can be turned into a smartwatch.

The new Xiaomi HyperOS is now official, the operating system that aims to power Xiaomi's smart ecosystem of personal devices, such as cars and home products. Learn about the first devices that got this system.

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Meross offers a wide range of sensors to make your home smart, including the Smart Door & Window Sensor (designed for doors, windows and drawers) and the MS100FH Smart Temperature & Humidity Sensor (for temperature and humidity). Therefore, we explored the capabilities and ease of use of these two sensors, and emphasized that you only need one app to manage them.

With its increasingly strong position in the audio market, Huawei offers increasingly better proposals, and the new Freebuds Pro 3 are proof of this. These new earbuds want to give the user the best sound quality, following a proven model. So let's get to know the new Huawei Freebuds Pro 3 headphones.

Brazilian scientists have developed a promising vaccine against cocaine addiction. This treatment, called Calixcoca, is expected to revolutionize addiction treatment.