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The most popular Massimo Dutti dress at 60% off – NiT

The most popular Massimo Dutti dress at 60% off – NiT

Most Wanted Massimo Dutti Dress at 60% Discount

It is a stylish model, with a strip of buttons on the side that gives it an unusual and contemporary touch.

An upgrade not to be missed.

The term “quiet luxury” has been making waves lately. It is an emerging trend that goes against showmanship and flashy clothing. The refined finishes, simplicity and elegance of timeless pieces have increasingly responded to extravagance and extravagance, as a result of times that demand more balanced styles. An excellent example of this new mentality can be found in the award-winning “Succession” series – the millionaire characters' wardrobes were characterized by the discreet and sophisticated quality of the pieces they wore.

The name Massimo Dutti is synonymous with high fashion and therefore high prices as well. However, we have good news: one of the most popular pieces in the Spanish brand's sales is 60 percent off. We guarantee it's an opportunity you won't want to miss.

It is a black midi dress that features button stripe detailing on one side, from the sleeve to the end of the fabric. Its silhouette is not tight to the body, although it does stick out at the waist, favoring the hip area. The fact that it is wide at the top and along the legs may initially seem like a more casual look. However, it is very elegant and suitable for formal occasions.

Modern and discreet.

The copy, because of the material and tone, carries a “heavy” air, which can work well in certain situations. However, if you choose to tone down this perception, you can always opt for accessories, whether it's bold earrings or a necklace, that stand out as a whole.

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You can perfectly wear Chelsea ankle boots or choose the latest fashion trend – cowboy boots. However, it is important to use a few extra centimeters in your shoes, so as not to let the length and loose shape of the maxi dress completely negate the elegance of the outfit.

This is a very modern piece, perfect for those who like to challenge tradition a little. It strays away from the classic formal look, but when used the right way, it can be the most talked about outfit in the room (for the best reasons).

The dress is available Connected And in the brand's physical stores, between sizes XS and M (L and XL are sold out). It costs 89.95 euros, but thanks to the 60 percent discount it is now 35.95 euros.

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