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The mother moves into her daughter's house and has sex with her brother-in-law – a scientist

The mother moves into her daughter's house and has sex with her brother-in-law – a scientist

A woman discovered that her mother was having an affair with her husband when she found them red-handed in an intimate setting. According to her, her mother was sitting on top of her brother-in-law while she was unbuttoning his shirt, the official revealed on Wednesday. woman.

Searching for a reason to explain the situation, the woman asked her husband what she saw, but he himself swore that he had done nothing. The mother revealed that she was in a relationship with the man, with whom she had “various sexual things.”

The woman decided to share the full story of her grief online.

His mother moved into the couple's home, having trouble paying the rent, but family time changed the relationship.

It all happened on a day when the woman had to work late and decided to go home for dinner. When he entered, he heard his mother's voice in the couple's bedroom.

“I came closer and saw my mother sitting on top of my husband, unbuttoning his shirt,” he revealed.

The woman said her partner looked “very uncomfortable” while she tried to push her mother-in-law away from his embrace “because he is a bit overweight”, but suspicions persisted.

In an unusual moment and in a scene resembling a movie, the woman revealed that she dropped food on the floor while screaming at her mother to leave the house: “I scolded her and asked her to leave. She begged and said that she was leaving the house.” “I can't go anywhere,” he added.

Hours later, as her mother left the house, the daughter sent a message requesting that all of her mother’s belongings be removed from the couple’s apartment.

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Confronting the mother, she showed several messages in which her son-in-law sent the available times to meet each of them. The woman ended up filing for divorce while her husband and mother left.

He concluded: “The two people I loved most betrayed me in the worst possible way, and I don't know what to do.”

The couple had been married for five years and had two children together.