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The Museum of Tomorrow initiates educational projects in Rio

The Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro, will start the training and knowledge exchange projects promoted in this first semester. In partnership with Instituto Ling, the foundation has launched a free training project for Arte do Amanhã, focused on art and technology. Formative Paths is the name of the museum’s new training program, which is aimed at teachers from both public and private schools.

Inspira Sensia is a basic education teacher training project designed and implemented by the Museum, which aims to encourage more lively science teaching, bringing schools, museums and universities closer together.

The museum’s general director, Bruna Bava, highlighted that the foundation wants to know how society wants to reach the tomorrow it wants as well as build a future in a sustainable and collective way. “To get there tomorrow, it is not enough to be a museum that only shows ideas. We need to be an open space to participate in building these tomorrows, in order to invite people to think together. An essential part of this is our training programs,” he said.

The art of tomorrow

The program is implemented by the activities of Tomorrow’s Lab. The learning course will consist of an online phase and a face-to-face phase. I, with inscriptions by symbla websiteconsisting of a session of survey meetings, which will feature six thematic modules, bringing together 20 relevant creative professionals in different areas of the art scene, between 10th April and 18th May.

Among the subjects included in the program are Music and Audio Narratives, Performing Arts, Audiovisual, Visual Arts, Design and New Media. “This project is an investigative meeting space for people to think about what the art of tomorrow will be like on different topics,” emphasized the general manager.

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To open these meetings, there will be an online lecture given by the project curator, visual artist Batman Zavarez, on Wednesday (5).

future grandparents

This is a series of four group training meetings, held in April, June, July and October, with the aim of opening a dialogue on theoretical processes, education visits and experimentation based on the Museum of Tomorrow narrative and themes. Ethics: knowledge, coexistence, innovation and sustainability.

There will be a team of trainers, specialists and teachers to work on the most diverse topics with teachers involved in primary and secondary education.

Science inspiration

In six courses, more than 700 teachers have already participated in Inspira Ciência. Together they have trained 261,000 students in more than 1,200 Brazilian schools.

“The aim of this program is to encourage vibrant science teaching that brings schools, museums, and universities closer together. The idea is to discuss how we can democratize access to science, and how we can succeed in thinking about science as an essential vector in our transformation as a country.

In 2023, the seventh edition of the program will be held online for up to 400 teachers from the five regions of the country. Teachers from all over the country can participate in the selection, which will be made by lottery, taking into account aspects of gender, race and region. The 400 selected professors will participate in a cycle of five simultaneous meetings, on Saturdays, from 9 am to 1 pm, in the virtual room of Inspira Sencia, on June 3, 10 and 17 and July 1 and 8.

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Each meeting will have lectures on key topics in science and components of the enquiry-teaching approach as well as interactions between professors with an emphasis on sharing experiences among them. At the end, everyone who attended at least 75% of the training – four meetings – will be issued a certificate of participation.

The program also encourages networking among primary education teachers across the country with an emphasis on content multiplication, other opportunities for a teaching career and topics related to the relationship between gender and science. Registration begins next Friday (7).