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The mysterious death of cats

The mysterious death of cats

Several cats are currently dying from a mysterious illness in the UK that vets believe may be linked to cat food, according to the UK. Watchman.

Now cat owners in the country are warning about the possibility of fungi in cat food, which has led to many deaths.

Vets across the UK have seen many cases of Panstopini, a condition that leads to decreased values ​​of all types of cells in the blood.

In recent months, 528 cases have been documented, as veterinarians have seen cases of pancytopenia in cats. 63 percent of cases ended in the death of sick cats.

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It is believed that the number of deaths due to cat food is much higher, because many cases are not reported to veterinarians.

The manufacturer recalled some batches of hypoallergenic cat food from Sainsbury, Applaws and AVA in mid-June. This led to an investigation by the RVC and the Food Standards Agency (FSA), The guard writes.

The RVC and FSA have yet to confirm the cause of death, more than six weeks after the alarm was sounded. The length of the investigation is said to have caused frustration among cat food suppliers.

The two organizations said they are looking into all possibilities, including those not related to food.

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I didn’t get the degree

Stephen Barrett, High Wycombe’s attorney, said his nine-year-old cat, Friga, died on Tuesday after five days of illness.

– My heart went to the ground. She was a member of our little family, and that’s how we dealt with her. I just wanted her to have the best food, he says according to The Guardian.

Barrett said Freya ate only Applause and completed her last 7.5kg bag of dry food shortly before she started vomiting.

He said he didn’t hear anything about the product recall until he tried to buy more food online and saw it wasn’t available, which led him to investigate the cause.

When Barrett called his regular vet, he was unable to get an appointment because the clinic was overwhelmed with similar cases.

– When the receptionist heard the name of cat food, she just told me to get an emergency appointment with another vet. I took it yesterday, and it was dead at the end of the day, he says.

It may be due to fungi

Although investigations continue, RVC is indicated in the statement To the possibility that the disease is caused by mycotoxins, toxic substances naturally produced by fungi.

Mycotoxins can appear on foods, including grains, nuts, spices, dried fruits, apple juice, and coffee, often in hot and humid conditions.

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“As stated by the FSA, there is no conclusive evidence to confirm an association at this point between cat food products and pancytopenia for cats,” a spokesperson said.

As cat owners, we fully understand how upsetting and stressful this situation is and the urgent need to establish the cause of the increased incidence of pancytopenia in the UK, The spokesperson says, according to the Guardian.

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