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The nail puzzle: - discovering trauma after bladder pain

The nail puzzle: – discovering trauma after bladder pain

Surgeons at Bhind District Hospital in India recently had a memorable day at work when they were tasked with removing a nail from a patient’s bladder.

According to the news agency press jam The length of the nail was about ten centimeters. It should have been stuck for about a year – without the patient even knowing it.

Hospital staff refer to the operation as a unique intervention they have not seen before.

Ten centimeters: It is not known how the ten centimeter nail ended up in the patient’s bladder. Photo: Jam Press
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The patient sought medical attention as soon as he noticed discomfort in his bladder about a year ago. After a short time the pain became so severe that it became necessary to find out what was wrong.

There was no clear cause for these symptoms. Thus, surgeon Prateek Mishra ordered a number of different tests to be performed to detect the problem.

However, doctors were unable to find out the cause of the patient’s illness. Only when they looked through X-rays did the reason become crystal clear: It couldn’t be anything other than a nail in his bladder.

It remains a mystery how the nail ended up there.

Answer on the edge: This photo shows the cause of the patient's bladder pain.  Photo: Jam Press

Answer on the edge: This photo shows the cause of the patient’s bladder pain. Photo: Jam Press
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According to an article published in Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association, Foreign bodies are usually introduced into the bladder through the urethra or by migration from neighboring bodies. It is also shown here that foreign bodies are a rare cause of bladder pain.

Doctors allegedly tried to ask the patient what had happened, but they did not get a clear answer, it was claimed. However, it was crucial to get the man on the operating table to remove the body.

One hour under the knife

The patient did not have health insurance due to poor financial resources. However, the doctors decided to perform the operation for free to relieve his pain.

Despite the fact that it was the first time that surgeons performed such an operation, they removed the nail without any major problems.

After just an hour, the process was over, according to Jam Press.

The patient is now back in good health.

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