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The National Museum sends a time capsule to the year 2072 |  Sciences

The National Museum sends a time capsule to the year 2072 | Sciences

Friday, November 25, 2022. This was the date on which the National Museum/UFRJ stamped a time capsule He buried her at a depth of one meter, in the area in front of the Paço de São Cristóvão, the headquarters of the Foundation, in Quinta da Boa Vista, north of Rio de Janeiro. The capsule was produced by the National Institute of Technology (INT), with special support from INT materials and corrosion zones, the capsule is made of stainless steel, coated with polypropylene, measures 55 cm x 61 cm x 43 cm and will be kept for 50 years – Collection Museum and Partners More than 100 pieces.

There are letters from the authorities, newspapers, videos, printed and digital documents (kept on USB sticks), fragments of Paço de São Cristóvão covers, drawings by public school students, among other things, and memorabilia.

Museum staff sealing the time capsule – Image: Felipe Cohen (Disclosure)

The initiative, according to Patricia Braga, of Desterro do Museu Nacional/UFRJ, is committed to recording the memories of our days for those yet to come. “We record, through objects, drawings and photographs, memories of a time marked by events. A time marked especially by the hope of rebuilding the country and our museum, ”the specialist comments.

Memories of the National Museum – Image: Disclosure

Covid-19 group – Image: Disclosure

In 2018, one A big fire has reached the headquarters of the National Museum Almost all of the displayed collection was destroyed and the structure of the building was severely damaged. Thus, 2022 is a particularly important year for the Foundation; In addition to being the year of the bicentenary of Brazil’s independence, for the National Museum it marks a significant milestone in the history of Brazil Renovation and restoration work of the Sao Cristóvão Palacewho took over the interface delivery.

“It is a good event, thinking not only of the past, but above all of the future, which symbolizes the wide participation of children who will be able to experience the opening of the capsule.” Alexander Kellner, Director of the National Museum / UFRJ.

Children witnessing the ceremony – Photo: Philip Cohen (Disclosure)

The opening of the capsule is scheduled for the year 2072. Long before that, the city of Rio de Janeiro must schedule an opening ceremony for another time capsule, buried 50 years ago, in Jardim Terraco, in front of the headquarters of the National Museum / UFRJ. The materials still in Good state to enterprise group configuration.