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“The new administration has a difficult road ahead of it.”

“The new administration has a difficult road ahead of it.”

Speaking to SIC, Pinto da Costa considered that “it was an important victory for FC Porto, for everyone who works at the club, the coaches, the players and everyone who followed it”, and therefore he feels “happy” with this result: “I say goodbye with peace of mind, there is nothing special about Passion, a sense of duty fulfilled, the joy of providing happy nights like today. Life goes on and Porto will continue to win.”

SAD president “naturally” wants Sergio Conceicao to stay at FC Porto, but knows the decision is not through him. “It doesn't concern me,” he replied, admitting that he had a “beautiful day” winning the Portuguese Cup against Sporting. “I have already participated in many final matches, even without being a coach. As a fan, I hope I can reach many more. As of Tuesday I will only speak in exceptional cases. I wish success to the new management who have a difficult road ahead of them. In Porto, what It is difficult to solve, and what is impossible takes a little longer. “Tomorrow is my last day at work, and I still have a lot to do,” he said.

Pinto da Costa also admits that “everything is delivered calmly and harmoniously” so that André Villas-Boas can do his job. He added: “All the problems are known to the current management of the club. Everything will be calm, and they will have my full support, but I will not comment on anything.” In the end, he knows that 42 years of leadership have been worth it: “At least I will leave FC Porto with many victories.”

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On Tuesday there will be a general shareholders' meeting that will allow Andre Villas-Boas to take control of SAD, which will mean the departure of Pinto da Costa from FC Porto.