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The new app will allow free entry to museums and monuments in Portugal

The new app will allow free entry to museums and monuments in Portugal

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The government has announced a new initiative allowing free entry to museums and monuments in Portugal any day of the week.

Government led Antonio Costa It has already established a measure providing free entry for residents of the national territory to various museums and monuments in Portugal during weekends and holidays, and this measure also stipulates that children under 12 years of age always have free entry to these places. So far this directive only applies to monuments under its jurisdiction Directorate General of Cultural Heritage (DGPC) It includes buildings such as the Monastery of Christ in Tomar, and the Belém Tower in Lisbon Mafra National Palace In Mafra, among many others.

And now the new government is led by… Louis Montenegro He promises to go ahead and expand this measure, extending free entry beyond weekends and public holidays. Delilah RodriguezThe current Minister of Culture recently revealed that “it will be implemented soon”, a measure that will allow Portuguese to enter many national museums for free, whatever the day of the week. This proposal aims to encourage the national population to better integrate with their culture, and to become familiar with the historical spaces that build our history and that give life to the country.

Free entry to museums and monuments

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In this way, with the new measure, Portuguese residents will have the right to visit approximately 38 museums, monuments and palaces that fall under the law. Company authority Museums and monuments in Portugal, any day of the week. However, free access has limits, as citizens can only enjoy 52 free accesses. Free entries will be validated through an easily accessible mobile application which will be available in the usual digital stores. So far, it is not yet known when the procedure will begin, nor when the new application will be available.

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Some of the main places you can visit through this procedure are Jeronimos Monastery, National Pantheon, Ajuda National Palace, Help library, Royal Treasury Museum, National Costume Museum, Royal horse riding arenaBelem Tower, National Theater and Dance Museum, National Tile Museum, Folk Art Museum, National Museum of Ancient Art, National Archeology Museum, Dr. Anastasio Gonsalves House Museum, National Museum of Ethnology that it National Coach Museum.

What do you think of this government action? Would you take the opportunity to visit some of these places?

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