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The new "Big Brother" has already "appointed" a rival and promises (much) controversy

The new “Big Brother” has already “appointed” a rival and promises (much) controversy

“Big Brother” is back on TVI on September 12, as revealed by T7Dias magazine, which cites a source close to Queluz de Baixo.

“There will be 16 festivals on Sunday, with the opening scheduled for September 12, and as usual, the grand finale is scheduled for New Year’s Eve. The truth is that, this time, no big surprises are expected. It is trying to restore a winning product as it was‘, can be read.

Now, with Correio da Manhã advancing, Iara Dias may be one of the contenders for this new edition. The ex-partner of Matthias Schmelz, known as the “King of the Voids”, is expected to appear in the reality show on TVI.

The young woman recently had an exchange of pennants with Agnes Arabella, and the newspaper reveals that “Entering the game can frame the former.”

Agnes Arabella in exchange of mouths (new) with Ira Dias: “Charity is what he does to your children…”

Agnes Arabella and Iara Dias engaged in an exchange Mouths and curses On Instagram, after they shared with businessman Matthias Schmelz, aka “Rei dos Aspiradores”.

In the days following Iara’s appearance on “Josheh” on March 18, mouths exchanged continued With children both “in the noise”.

On April 27, Agnes challenged her followers to ask her questions and one of them focused on Iara: “Doesn’t it bother you that Yara has a baby Mathias?‘, read the question.

Quite frankly, the former competitor of Casa dos Segredos denied this possibility: “Matthias does not have any children with Ira. His name appearing on her daughter’s birth certificate is due to a major mistake that was thankfully discovered through a DNA test.‘, with the answer.

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At this point, his lawyers are trying to remove his surname from her birth certificate and settle the matter. Cash support is nothing more than an action CharityAnd Agnes added:Attention! He did not accept and did not agree“.

A few minutes later, Ira responded with several stories on her Instagram page: “I’m starting to think I’m really important in your life!

I’m 20 years old and keep cool in my corner, and this big cowShe is almost 40 years old, she does not know how to live her life, she only knows how to come up with provocations on social networks […] Instead of worrying about my life and my daughter, don’t worry about your kids’ education, and enjoy the good times it gives you.“, Wrote.

In the stories that followed, the young woman “slapped” the former rival of the House of Secrets: “Charity is what he does to your dear children. Because he was the one who wanted to take responsibility as a father, in your case, your children don’t have an adoptive father, right?

Don’t be so short that you come to social media to talk about anything about me and my daughter […] You just showed that you have no scruples“he added.