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The new business association charges an annual fee of €25,000 - companies

The new business association charges an annual fee of €25,000 – companies

The newly created Business Roundtable Portugal (BRP), whose first president is the “chairman” of the José de Mello Group, will apply a share of €25,000 annually to member companies. The amount will be reviewed every three years.

According to the statutes of Portugal’s newest trade union, Aiko Poetry was martyred On Friday, June 25, this will be the value of the entry fee until the end of 2023. Additional quotas are also expected to be introduced.

The association was formally introduced this week under the leadership of Vasco de Mello, headquartered in Rua de Luis I, in Lisbon, It brings together 42 of the largest private companies in the countryWhich will therefore contribute more than one million euros to finance the activity.

On the reason for closing the number of members in this first phase, Antonio Ríos de Amorim (Corticeira Amorim) explained that the founders specified that “[devia] Having a small structure that responds to coordination needs”, ensuring that BRP “will never be a confederation of thousands of companies”.

The officials also said, at a press conference, that these founding companies will contribute resources to the working groups to be created from which proposals will come out to achieve the goal of making the country grow, and the new entity will be financed. Exclusively by their partners.

The statute provides for the entry of new members, provided that they are “commercial companies with relevant economic activity in Portugal”, and that they are “compulsory” to be represented in union bodies of organs by those holding the positions of director, chairman of the board of directors or chief executive or authorized official.

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Cumulatively, the BRP partners generated revenue of 82 billion euros in 2020, of which about 43 billion were obtained outside Portugal by exports or direct investments, and employed more than 382 thousand workers, of whom 207 thousand were in Portugal, paying an average of The salary “which is about twice the average salary” paid by the private sector, has invested more than 6.8 billion euros.