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The new electric Fiat Panda competes with Chinese electric cars

The new electric Fiat Panda competes with Chinese electric cars

The new FIAT Panda Electric will be more economical and simple to compete with Chinese electric cars.

Fiat Panda electric projects a new future

The fourth generation Panda will be introduced on June 11, 2024, and is expected to be one of the most important models in its range.

The new version of the Panda will have large dimensions, as it will jump from the Urban A segment to the B utility segment, a segment in which FIAT has only the 500X SUV, since abandoning the Punto in 2018.

The fourth generation electric Panda will be the twin brother of the Citroen C3 that will be launched on October 17. Both will share the Stellantis group’s CMP/eCMP platform, but the chassis and mechanical part will be completely different. The Panda will be inspired by the Centoventi prototype announced in 2019, which at the time was a tribute to the original Panda from the 1980s.

The electric Fiat Panta will be available in several versions, the most economical of which will start at a price of less than 25 thousand euros, thus entering into direct competition with, for example, Volkswagen ID.2, Nissan Micra and Renault R5. However, the Panda is distancing itself from these Models by offering crossover style, which includes raised suspension, roof rails, etc.

According to information from Fiat CEO Olivier François, the brand has arguments for developing a solution that puts Chinese electric models in difficulties, so it will focus on “less is more”, thus expecting a lower cost than its Chinese competitors, even though the Panda is manufactured in Europe. .

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Fiat Centroventi concept

The new FIAT Panda will be a simple and economical electric car

The fourth generation Fiat Panda will be an electric car equipped with an LFP (lithium-phosphate) battery with a capacity of 40 kWh which will be manufactured by SvaultThe launch price will be in the range of 22 and 23 thousand euros, which is the factor that will lead it to compete directly with the small electric Dacia Sebring.

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, reported: “We need LFP batteries and we will be able to equip electric cars with this system, as it provides a competitive position in terms of cost, which will make electric cars accessible to the middle class.”.

The top-of-the-line Fiat Panda version will use the mechanical package found in the Opel Corsa Electric and Peugeot E-208, namely a 156 hp (115 kW) and NCM (nickel-cobalt-manganese) engine. ) A total battery of 51 kWh is equivalent to 48 kWh useful.

CATL will be the battery supplier for this best-in-class model, which has a range of approximately 400 kilometers (WLPT) and is priced at 30,000 euros.

Video – Fiat Panda Electric – Launch 2024