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The new Google search takes time to reach smartphones

The new Google search takes time to reach smartphones

The arrival of Samsung's Galaxy S24 brought a unique novelty from Google to the world. We are talking about a search circuit, which brings search to any search, using only images. However, if it also arrives for the Pixel 8, the news for other devices is not so good. Everything indicates that the research circular will only reach more smartphones at the end of the year.

Galaxy S24 Samsung Circle Google Search

With AI in the Galaxy S24, Samsung wants to simplify a lot of the way data and information is presented. This intelligence allows you to do things like retouch photos, respond to emails, or simply search the Internet more effectively.

One new and more interesting way to search is to tag what you want to search for. To do this, simply draw what you want to ask about, making it easier to choose what you want to search for and sending it to the brand's servers faster. .

If everything so far indicates that it is exclusive to the Galaxy S24 and Pixel 8 from Google, then Samsung has come to show something important. In a call made in the Netherlands, it was clear that it will take some time before the circular search feature is present on more Android smartphones.

a Joint message Clearly, after revealing the sales success of the Galaxy S24, it highlights the artificial intelligence capabilities of these smartphones. At the same time, on the same page, it was also revealed that only in October 2024, apparently on the 5th of October, it will be opened to more smartphones.

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Galaxy S24 Samsung Circle Google Search

Samsung also revealed that this process is on hold and that there is no news about any device. The brand stated that “there are no active developments underway” to take the circle to look for more brands and other smartphone models from manufacturers.

Therefore, Google Exclusive Search will retain its status and will remain that way for a longer period. Of course, even later, it should not be available to everyone, and it always depends on the existing and available devices.