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The new hydrogen plane takes just four hours to fly from Europe to Australia

The new hydrogen plane takes just four hours to fly from Europe to Australia


The plane promises to shorten the journey from Frankfurt to Sydney by 16 hours, from 20 hours currently to just four hours.

Swiss startup Destinos is developing a hydrogen-powered passenger plane that could cut travel time from Europe to Australia to just four hours compared to 20 hours current.

The company has already tested its Eiger prototype over the past two years and announced successful tests at the end of 2022, according to reports. Interesting geometry. The Spanish Ministry of Science has now joined forces with Destinus and will fund a project for 12 million euros for research and development of hydrogen-based supersonic flights.

Spanish engine company ITP Aero is also part of the partnership, as are other companies, technology centers and universities in the neighboring country. The Madrid government will also pay for the construction of a testing facility near the capital.

Destinus claims its technology can make a trip from Frankfurt to Sydney take just 4 hours and 15 minutes. A trip from Frankfurt to Shanghai will be reduced to 2 hours 45 minutes Eight hours less than the current flight.

Destinos Vice President of Business and Product Development David Bonetti thanked the partnerships with the Spanish government. “We are delighted to receive this support, especially as it is a clear sign that Destinus is in line with the strategies of Spain and Europe in promoting hydrogen flights,” he states.

“For tech companies like us, you have access to these European recovery funds It is necessary For us to continue to advance research and accelerate innovation needs for global competition. With this support, hydrogen-based solutions for aviation will be one step closer to reality,” he adds.

Destinos now hopes to test an H2 combustion jet engine later on soon because he is focused on accelerating hydrogen-only engine technology. The Spanish government plans to invest further in the development of hydrogen propulsion as part of its strategy funded by the European Commission’s Next Generation Funds.

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