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The new Hyundai Kawai (2023) has arrived in Portugal and it already has prices

The new Hyundai Kawai (2023) has arrived in Portugal and it already has prices

The new Hyundai Kauai has grown in every way and has just “landed” on the Portuguese market. Find out the range and prices.

the new Hyundai kawaii (2023) has just “landed” on the national market and we already know the prices.

With a very distinctive image, the new Kauai arrives in Portugal with two engines, one pure petrol and the other a hybrid (not Connect in), to which a 100% electric variant will be added in a few months.

I slept in every way

For this second-generation B-SUV, Hyundai has (almost) completely left out its first kawaii image. This is visible from almost every angle, starting right in front, and is completely different thanks to its new light signature.

© Hyundai As it already happened, the N Line version will be the sportiest of the range. At least until the new Kauai N comes out…

But what also stands out are the differences in size, as the new Kauai has grown in all directions. And it was not a little.

In length, for example, there are 18 centimeters (cm) separating one model from another. The wheelbase has grown by 6 cm. In terms of width, the new Hyundai Kawai is 2.5 cm wide, while it is 2 cm high.

Interior design inspired by the IONIQ family

Inside, Kauai’s new proximity to Ionic 5 that it Ionic 6, with two 12.3-inch screens appearing side by side. One acts as the instrument panel and the other houses the infotainment system.

Below the ‘floating’ center console, transmission control moves to the steering column. An option that made it possible to increase the number of storage spaces in the center console between the front seats.

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And speaking of space, it is important to say that the new Kauai offers more in terms of rear seats and luggage compartment: 466 liters versus 374 liters of the previous generation. With the rear seats folded down, this figure increases to 1300 liters.

Engines (almost) for every taste

As for the engines, the new Hyundai Kauai arrives in Portugal in two different versions, one petrol and the other a hybrid:

  • 1.0 T-GDI – 120 HP, 200 Nm;
  • HEV – 141 HP, 265 Nm (1.6 HEV + electric motor 32 kW or 44 HP)

In order not to lose:
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As for the 100% electric version, although the details are not yet known, it is known that it will be revealed in the coming months.

Profile of the new Hyundai KAUAI HEV
© Hyundai The new Hyundai Kawai is 18 cm longer than its predecessor

Apparently, the Kauai EV will share the powertrain with its “cousin” the Kia Niro, so we can expect a 150-kW (204-hp) electric motor and 64.8-kWh battery, with the combined-cycle WLTP range approaching 460 km.

how much does it cost?

The new Hyundai Kauai is available in Portugal with prices starting from 29,000 euros For the version with 120 hp and 36,500 euros For the hybrid version with 141 hp.