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The new iPad Pro could “end” laptops

The new iPad Pro could “end” laptops

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Apple released news last week that surprised many: the iPad Pro will have an M4 chip!


  • At the “Let Loose” event, Apple surprised by revealing that the new iPad Pro will contain an M4 chip;
  • The new processor is 92% more powerful than the processor in the iPhone 15 Pro, and 26% more powerful than the previous generation.
  • There are those who believe that because of the great specifications, many users will bypass laptops.

The latest innovations from appleor M4 chiprepresents a major advance for iPad Pro. this New processor It promises to increase the performance and energy efficiency of devices, boosting the company's position Tech giant In the market for Premium discs. Thus, the M4 chip, developed using the latest technology, features a 5nm architecture, ensuring more power and lower power consumption.

In short, it is 26.22% more powerful than the previous generation. Moreover, a test conducted by the channel Technology lady From YouTube it appears that this new chip is 92% (!!) more powerful than the A17 Pro chip from iPhone 15 Pro. Mark Gormanan expert on the subject, believes it can replace laptops.

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How to detail CNETWith a 12-core CPU, the processing speed is much higher, allowing for smoother multitasking and running demanding applications without any lag. The 16-core GPU in turn delivers high-quality graphics, making it ideal for those who love it the games And also for Video edition professional. Additionally, the 32-core Neural Engine accelerates AI and machine learning tasks, making iPad Pro a unique device on the market.

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The integration of the M4 chip also improves power efficiency, extending battery life even under heavy use. This improvement is crucial for users who rely on their devices throughout the day, without the need for frequent charging. In short, the M4 chip in the iPad Pro represents a technological leap that redefines what to expect from a tablet in terms of performance, graphics and autonomy.

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