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The new iPhone 13 Pro cameras bring a downside

One of the cool iPhone 13 Pro upgrades is in the rear camera module! By relying on more powerful sensors, more complex lenses and therefore more capable.

However, despite all its capabilities … it is something that ends up affecting the thickness of the device, thus supporting some “extras”. After all, though, the design is exactly the same between gen12 and gen13. The truth is that the new models are a bit fatter, being 0.25mm thicker and lighter, and also counting with a larger unit, and lenses with a slightly more output.

This in turn means that you will need to buy a new case if you want to make the leap from the iPhone 12 Pro to the new iPhone 13 Pro. Moreover, depending on your skin, you will also have problems with MagSafe.

The new iPhone 13 Pro cameras bring a downside

Therefore, all new generation iPhone 13 models come with larger camera modules as well as sensor shift optical image stabilization (Including mini and “regular” models! A feature that was reserved last year for the Pro Max!)

However, the big difference to the Pro models! That is, with the larger sensors, they must also be equipped with a somewhat longer, thicker, and therefore more boring camera module.

So, because of all this, the current iPhone 12 cases do not support the new cell phones! All due to the fact that the unit needs a slightly larger “crop”. Besides, you can also forget about the support, in some cases, for MagSafe Duo, the charger that charges both iPhone and Apple Watch.

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In other words, the iPhone 13 Pro is very similar to the 12 Pro, but they are just cousins, not twins.