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The new Killer Instinct is possible in one case

It’s been more than four years since the last season of content killer instinct And in that time, fans got even more hungry for a new game in the franchise. earlier this year, Twitch Rivals Hosted the Killer Instinct Tournament to raise awareness of the title, put him back in the spotlight, and hopefully leave Microsoft Know the amount of demand for a supplement. It turns out that a file Phil Spencer He’s also looking forward to a new game, but he has some conditions.

During a recent podcast appearance drop framesXbox Chief, briefly on the release of Killer Instinct’s reset Xbox One In 2013, when he said the response was great. And he adds that it is loot died, President Xbox Game StudiosThey talked about where they could take the series. But while they want to keep going, Spencer believes they need the right team to tackle such a project and the right opportunity.

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Originally, Killer Instinct Games was developed by rare, before Microsoft acquired the studio. Nader contributed to the development of the 2013 game as well, so it seems like an obvious choice to tackle a future game. However, Rare is likely to be very busy with other projects at the moment. In addition to continuing to support his pirate title, sea ​​of ​​thievesHe’s still dribbling Everwild, which is supposed to have resumed development.

The 2013 game is also developed by double helix games, but only for its first season of content. In 2014, the studio was purchased by Amazon and merge it into the partition Amazon Games. a iron galaxy It ended up taking over the sequence and declaring that he’d like to make a new entry if he asked. A decision that fans will likely welcome, too.

There were rumors that a new killer instinct was in development for Xbox Series X In early 2020, but unfortunately, the developer of Iron Galaxy insisted that the studio was not working on such a project. Iron Galaxy is currently busy with a new project that has yet to be announced. So if you’re recruited to do another killer instinct, it won’t happen for at least a few years. For now, fans should be content to know that the officials also want a new game.

Killer instinct is available for Computer e Xbox One.

Via: Youtube / Game Rant
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