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The new Sonic game allows you to defeat Robotnik just like in the game

The new Sonic game allows you to defeat Robotnik just like in the game

Now you can recreate the fun iconic boss battle just like the original

Games inspired by popular video game franchises are nothing new. Huge variety – from Action figures Even the most simple games, in order to take advantage of a little permission to use licensed characters.

This time, lovers sonic the hedgehog Who played with the famous blue hedgehog in nostalgia huge engine They will be able to buy a very interesting game.

Created by jacks pacific, This famous game-inspired piece has an interesting mechanism: when you bump into a villain, Doctor. Factor (where Dr. Eggman, depending on the site) Three times in the chest, the large robot used as a weapon will be defeated.

This battle is an ancient knowledge of the masses. paying off:

This product gets weird because it’s really made to be dealt withAnd not just a display piece. Obviously, the focus is on the kids, but nothing stops dear gamers who lived through the ’90s from buying it as a collector’s item.

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via catapult, the iconic character must be launched directly into the center of the enemy’s chest, activating a mechanism in the dummy – until the hull is dismantled after the third strike.

The scene can be recreated Indefinitely, and although limited to only one type of interaction, creativity can be used to expand the range of possible activities.

Elements Hinge, being completely faithful to their archetypes. The durability of dolls, created for a certain level of movement and interaction, is something that time will only show if they are resistant…or if they are recommended to be left as a decorative piece.

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although, How unfortunately Happens in things like this, everyone who lives in Brazil and is interested will be in trouble.

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with a suggested value of 39.99 USD we United State (About 207.00 BRL, not counting import duties), if a person does import, they will have to bear the amounts involved in the procedure – which usually makes the product much more expensive, making it unfeasible for most Brazilians.

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