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The new Wuhan results announced: Many researchers suddenly fell seriously ill in the fall of 2019

The new Wuhan results announced: Many researchers suddenly fell seriously ill in the fall of 2019

The CIA recently released a report on the preliminary findings related to the Wuhan investigation and the search for the onset of Covid-19. According to the report, several researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology fell seriously ill and were hospitalized in November 2019. China previously reported to the World Health Organization that the first case of virus-like symptoms in humans was on December 8, 2019. CNN. It is not yet known exactly what caused the researchers’ illness.

Corona virus researcher

to me Wall Street Journal The Wuhan laboratory is used to research the Coronavirus and other pathogens. At the end of the Trump presidency, the Trump administration announced one Initial report About researchers who “developed flu-like symptoms”. At this time, it was not clear that the researchers had been hospitalized as a result of the disease.

American intelligence is keen to speculate, noting that there are many theories about how the Corona virus originated, as nothing is excluded or completed.

One of the investigators told CNN: “We still do not reach a clear conclusion other than that the virus originated in China.”

(The case continues under the photo)

The photo from 2020 shows the exterior of the Wuhan Institute. Photo: Hector Ritmel / AFP / NTB

– One big lie

Yan Qiming, director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, insists on the report, which he believes is fabricated.

– You read it, and that’s a big lie. Ourlaboratory We have no knowledge of the alleged cases of the disease, and we have no idea where they got the information, says Zhiming to Global Times.

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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian also criticized the results and warned of the accumulation of rumors that the virus was created in the laboratory.

“Through the investigation conducted by the World Health Organization and the United States here in China, everyone agreed that it is very unlikely that the virus originated in the laboratory,” says Linjian.

American investigators confirm that so far there is no evidence that the virus was created in the laboratory or used as a biological weapon, and they believe that it is likely that the virus has passed from animals to humans.

I don’t think we’ll know the answer

In addition to the US research team, the WHO also sent a separate research group to Wuhan earlier this year. According to one of the researchers, Peter Daszak, there is no reason to believe that the virus spread through the laboratory.

– The lab has very good routines. Of course, we haven’t abandoned the hypothesis entirely, but our conclusion is that it is unlikely that the epidemic happened this way, Daske tells CNN.

Many countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, have criticized the WHO report, which was prepared in cooperation with 17 Chinese researchers working for the Chinese state. According to a researcher close to the US investigation, it can be ruled out that the virus originated in the laboratory by sequencing the genome of the virus that researchers worked with in 2019, but he never believes this will happen.

The researcher told CNN: “The Chinese will never allow this, and therefore I do not think that we will get an answer about how the virus originated.”

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