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The New York Post or Donald Trump

The New York Post or Donald Trump

it’s a The New York Times who gained access to these emails.

According to the newspaper, the emails show that Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, has repeatedly pressured the Department of Justice to investigate several conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, which ended with Joe Biden’s victory.

They wrote that Meadows sent five emails to then-Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen during the last week of December last year, and the beginning of January this year. He asked the attorney general to proceed with nullified charges of election fraud in New Mexico.

wedding: On Saturday, March 27, former President Donald Trump once again seized a spot in the spotlight, but in a slightly different way this time. Reporter: Janet N. Vick. Video: NTB, AP, TMZ
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wild italian conspiracy

Mido has also introduced several conspiracy theories, insisting that Trump is the real winner.

Among other things, they reproduced this theory:

It included a theory that people in Italy used military and satellite technology to remotely control voting machines in the United States, diverting votes from Trump to Joe Biden.

According to the newspaper, the emails also show that Trump and his team continued to fight until his last days as president in January earlier this year before Joe Biden took office.

According to the New York Times, the emails were discovered as a result of an investigation into whether Justice Department employees were involved in Trump’s attempt to reverse the election result.

Avisa wrote that Rosen’s answers do not indicate that the attorney general was interested in opening an investigation based on input from Trump’s chief of staff. Other emails will also show that Rosen is refusing to hold a meeting between the FBI and a man who posted videos online supporting the Italian conspiracy theory.

Enough is enough: Fox News host Laura Ingraham has long been a strong advocate and supporter of Donald Trump. Here you get enough of the ex. Video: Fox News. Reporter: Elias Cr. Saturn Petersen
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refuses to give up

Since the election defeat, Trump himself has claimed to have been subjected to electoral fraud, and has tried to dismiss it.

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New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman wrote in early June that Trump had told people in his circle He is believed to be re-elected as President of the United States in August.

From Night to Sunday Norwegian time, he’s back three months out of the spotlight, when he spoke on behalf of Republicans in Greenville, North Carolina.

By mid-May, allegations of electoral fraud were suspicious. Then there was one Arizona polling database which should have been deleted in the latest series of claims.

The fact that the resigning president, and some Republicans, six months later still question allegations of electoral fraud, and constantly come up with new accusations, has created a backlash. Also within the special ranks.

– Now carries with defamation. Republican Stephen Richer said on Twitter in Arizona, shortly after Trump’s statement, that he makes unfounded allegations.

We can no longer give in to these crazy lies. as a party. as a country. As a country, continue.