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The New York Times describes Norway’s royal house as “chaotic”

Plumed: Derek Ferret and Princess Martha Louise.

– The Brits aren’t the only ones with royal drama, as one of the largest newspapers in the US has pointed out, singling out Norway as one of the four troubled kingdoms in the wake of the Prince Harry scandal.


dysfunctional and messy. Too dramatic. There you have the Norwegian Royal House, you think The New York Times (The New York Times) and their journalists.

The award-winning newspaper initially reports a long string of scandals that have emerged in the aftermath of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s Netflix documentary and Harry’s latest book, “Save.”

The New York Times makes clear that the British are by no means the only ones suffering from royal chaos, and has compiled a list of four other kingdoms in turmoil.

A series of disagreements

The list isn’t presented as ranked, but Norway is mentioned at the top – and a photo of Princess Märtha Louise and her fiancé Derek Verrett topped the article.

In the text explaining what The New York Times believes are the Troubles, no subjects other than Martha and Doric are mentioned.

VG asked Princess Martha Louise’s secretary, Durek Verrett, and Head of Communications at the Royal Court, Guri Varpe, to comment on this matter. They did not respond to VG’s inquiries.

The British don’t have a monopoly on royal laundry. Watch out, writes The New York Times before they take more concrete action.

— There was an uproar in Norway last November when Princess Märtha Louise gave up her royal duties to focus on her alternative medicine work with her fiancé Derek Verrett, a well-known shaman who has clients like Selma Blair and Nina Dobrev, they wrote.

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– It was the latest in a series of controversies stemming from the princess’s relationship with Mr Veret, who suggested in his 2019 book, Spirit Hacking, that cancer was a choice. A self-described “sixth generation shaman” also sells a “soul-improving” locket on his website that he claims has helped him recover from COVID-19. Martha Louise, for her part, has often pointed out that she can communicate with animals and angels, it is said.

The article also notes that the couple “raised eyebrows” with their actions and attitudes.

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425 billion

The other three kingdoms on the list are Denmark, Thailand, and Spain.

Argument over titles: Queen Margrethe with Princess’s two sons Frederick (TV) and Joachim.

The New York Times highlights Denmark’s recent family feud as the challenge there, after Queen Margrethe took the titles of Prince and Princess away from Prince Joachim’s four children.

The prince is the youngest of the Queen’s two children, and is number six in the line of succession after Prince Frederick and his four children.

Referee: King Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand, here with Queen Suthida.

King Maha Vajiralongkorn is the cause of a stir in Thailand, the New York Times believes, and refers, among other things, to his four marriages and open courtship with mistresses.

Moreover, that he spends most of his time in Germany, and that he is the richest monarch in the world – with personal control of royal assets estimated at NOK 425 billion as of 2018 – that were once supposed to be managed for the benefit of the Thais. People.

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As crown prince, he appoints his pet dog Fu Fu as Air Marshal.

Controversial: King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicates.

In Spain, according to the New York Times, former King Juan Carlos is the problem. He abdicated in 2014.

Last May he returned home for the first time in nearly two years. He moved to Abu Dhabi in 2020 after being accused of receiving around 1 billion crowns in connection with a high-speed train contract in Saudi Arabia.

Swiss prosecutors dropped the case, but the New York Times also pointed to other shady business activities, an extravagant lifestyle and a number of extramarital affairs.