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The New York Times: Donald Trump indicted in hush money case

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“HYSJPENGER”: Former President Donald Trump has now been charged after he allegedly paid porn star Stormy Daniels not to talk about an affair between the two.

Austin (VG) For the first time in history, a US president has been charged with a criminal connection.


Four sources informed the major newspaper The New York Times.

The indictment relates to payments Trump allegedly made to pornographic actress Stephanie Clifford, better known by the stage name Stormy Daniels, not to tell about an affair they had.

according to The New York Times does not know exactly What He is only on trial because the indictment relates to the so-called “hisjpenge case”.

The alleged “hush money” was paid by Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen just weeks before the 2016 presidential election.

Trump denies having an affair with Stormy Daniels and has called the investigation a “witch hunt”. He also denies paying her to stay close to her.

Trump’s lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, had earlier confirmed that the 76-year-old would surrender if he was arrested.

Staalsat: Police, barricades and the media have surrounded the courthouse in lower Manhattan for several weeks in anticipation of a possible indictment against Donald Trump.

Expert: Things I’m confused about

US expert Eric Locke says it is difficult to say what the indictment will mean for Trump. It is far from certain that the indictment would have been so negative for Trump.

A grand jury is convinced there is a good basis for indicting Trump. Now it remains to be seen what the New York jury and court will come up with. There are still things in this case that I’m baffled by, including the fact that they never proceeded with the charges before.

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The big question now is how this will affect the US presidential election in 2024, as Trump launches his candidacy.

– I think most Trump supporters see this as a political decision. Supporters likely think that the people on the grand jury are sympathetic to the Democrats, and don’t like Trump.

According to Løkke, Trump supporters have long since made up their minds on the matter. He now believes that the Manhattan district attorney has a big job ahead of him.

– It’s really a difficult matter. The prosecutor must be very clear in communication, and this is very important.

There may be protests

Another US expert, Sophie Hugestol, says she’s excited about the reaction in New York. Trump has spent the past few weeks irritating his supporters and constituents.

Encourage, among other things, to protest against a possible arrest. It remains to be seen if there will be protests in New York. Last week there was slow response to calls, so there will be exciting days and weeks ahead.

Trump has an advantage, according to Hoogstuhl. As of Thursday night, it’s somewhat uncertain what exactly the indictment applies to.

– Democrats will probably agree that of all the investigations into Trump, this is the least serious and most reminiscent of a witch hunt. Some will likely find him intrusive in his private life. Other cases, she says, are more serious and relate to whether Trump influenced the 2020 election.

Stormy: Stormy Daniels during a press conference in 2018.

criminal relationship

The case, which is unfolding in a New York court today, began in 2006. According to porn actress Stormy Daniels, she and Trump had a sexual relationship.

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Cohen testified in front of the grand jury and admitted that he paid Stormy Daniels $130,000. He said these were expenses he then received from Trump.

The criminal charge considered by the jury is whether Trump falsified the accounts when he compensated Cohen by classifying them as legal fees.

In this case, this would be a minor criminal offense.

The other question, which would have been more serious with a possible prison sentence of one to four years, is whether this was also an illegal use of campaign funds – which was attempted to be covered up further.

Trump is also under investigation for other crimes, such as his role in storming Congress on January 6, 2021, and influencing elections in Georgia.


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