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The news is not good!  WhatsApp backup will no longer be unlimited

The news is not good! WhatsApp backup will no longer be unlimited

Credits: Depositphotos/dimarik

Your WhatsApp backup on Android will take up space on your Google Drive

Google and WhatsApp It announced a major change in storing messaging conversations and files in the Google Drive cloud. It turns out that backups on Android devices will not be stored for free and unlimited.

This is because in the coming days, the information will start taking up space in your Google Drive account, changing the storage dynamics for many users.

This new measure will go into effect in December, but it currently only affects personal accounts, leaving business accounts exempt from this change, at least for now.

How will WhatsApp affect your Google Account storage space?

WhatsApp is one of the messaging apps that takes up the most storage space on your cell phone. Every day we receive dozens of photos, videos and other files that together take up a lot of space.

Until now, Android users did not have to worry about this issue as they were able to save WhatsApp backups on Google Drive without it counting against their storage limit. Unfortunately, this agreement has come to an end.

WhatsApp backups will now take up space on your Google account, reducing the 15GB of free space the company offers for storing other data. If the user does not want to miss conversations, it is very likely that he will need to resort to Google pricing.

When will change happen?

In December 2023, WhatsApp beta users will no longer be able to upload their backups to Google Drive for free.

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In the first half of 2024, Google Drive will start reducing space in the account of any user who has WhatsApp backup enabled.

WhatsApp will notify each user 30 days before the information is removed so they can make a decision: keep the conversations archived in Google Drive or lose all messages when they need to uninstall the app.