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The next generation PlayStation VR will offer 4K graphics, variable display functions, and vibration

According to the news published on the site DownloadAdvertise Virtual Reality Headset for Playstation 5 It will bring a screen with greater resolution, eye tracking, vibration feature, and graphics with variable width (variable display).

The name of the new product for the PlayStation 5 is not known yet, but according to various sources on the website, the screen will have a resolution of 4000 x 2040 pixels (2000 x 2040 per eye), which is a system for adjusting screen separation. Lenses and an eye tracking system that will allow you to use the variable display functions. This last feature allows the image area that the user is viewing, to appear more clearly and in detail in relation to the rest.

In addition, the new headset will be equipped with a vibration motor that allows programmers to incorporate haptic feedback features into the headset itself.

Sony recently confirmed that it is developing a new version of its PSVR headphones for the PlayStation 5, which will likely hit the market in early 2022 and has already shown the controls, which contain analog sticks, a finger position sensor and programmable stimuli. Just like the ones on the DualSense controllers that come with the PlayStation 5.

If the data released is correct, the screen on the new PlayStation headset will be slightly less accurate than the highest-resolution headset on the market, HP’s Reverb G2 and more Oculus Quest 2 on Facebook. Resolution will be around 8.16 million pixels. The new headset will use a USB Type-C connection to communicate with the console, which will power the only such socket found on the PlayStation 5.

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The new PSVR will use built-in cameras to detect the position of the new consoles, which will greatly simplify the configuration, when compared to the current generation, and will give the user more freedom of movement.