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The octopus begins in Australia against the man and his daughter

Octopus first wanted to catch a seagull off the coast. Photo: Screen shot

A Octopus Lung against a man and his daughter Playa From Dunsborough, City on the west coast Australia; Through his Instagram account, the person was identified Lance Carlson, Explained how the events occurred.

Through a video, captured by that man Australia, You can see Octopus The crystal floats on one of the shores of the beach with clear water. Although the clip lasts a few seconds, you can see the moment it approaches Carlson Loudly, throwing its tents against him.

Next, it’s time to unfold its tents.

Lance First, he was with his daughter, who explained that the octopus was thrown at them; Then, he was able to take his little girl and catch the animal, for a moment he recorded the video and shared it on his Instagram account.

There, he explained that before attacking himself and his daughter, the octopus was determined to catch a seagull, and then “he decided that my daughter and I deserved a boxing match.”

Carlson He said he was first rescued from the tentacles of the octopus, but then he was hit in the arm and neck, but fortunately that fear did not pass on to adults.

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