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The official portal of the municipality of Campos dos Goytacazes

The official portal of the municipality of Campos dos Goytacazes

The Municipal Secretary for Education, Science and Technology (Seduct) will be promoting the 1st Regional Forum on Education, Science and Technology from Wednesday night (10), and will run through Friday (12), at Trianon Municipal Theatre. Under the theme “Education Enlightens Lives,” the event will open at 6pm with the Secretary of the Portfolio, Marcelo Ferris, and will target teaching professionals from private and public networks – municipal, state and federal. The capacity is about 800 people. Registrations can still be made on the Program for Effective Learning (PAE) portal – over here.

The first lecture will take place at 7 pm, and will be given by Principal Teacher Alcione Paes, a teacher with an MA in Education and Environment, and a specialist in public administration. You will talk about innovation and digital culture in the classroom. The forum will also feature an exhibition of digital practices, a showcase of success stories, round tables and cultural presentations.

The aim is to promote the socialization and discussion of the production of knowledge in the field of education, science and technology, to highlight the public and political commitment to the education of children, adolescents, youth and adults, the training and pedagogical practices of professionals of various levels and styles of education, as well as public policies, aimed, above all, at the right in education through access, continuity and acquisition of students’ knowledge,” explained Marcello.

The event will include partnerships with Fluminense Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology (IFF), North Fluminense State University Darcy Ribeiro (Uenf), Cebra and many other educational institutions, as well as the education departments of North/Northwest/Lagos. Fluminense area. Eight municipalities have confirmed their presence: Italva, São João da Barra, São Francisco de Itapapuna, Búzios, Macae, Quesama and Cardoso Moreira, as well as Campos.

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According to the forum’s organizer, Seduct’s Director of Institutional Relations, Ludmila da Matta, Ph.D. in Political Sociology, Judge of Law at TJMG, Professor Alinne Arquette, will give a lecture on the GDPR and its effects in the education system. Another notable lecture is that of Professor Sergio Viana da Paixao, who will speak on “Being a Teacher Today: Challenges and Achievements”. He holds a PhD in Psychology, a Postdoctoral in Arts from the University of Maringa, and Head of the Research Group in Teaching, Culture, Language and Technologies at IFPR/CNPq.

“The program is very rich and not to be missed. We will have other notable lectures, such as those given by the Economist, MBA in People Management and Sibra Consultant, Paula Alexandresky, on the importance of entrepreneurial behavior in the school,” Ludmila explained.

Check out the full schedule

August 10

18:30 – Presentation of the Program for Effective Learning (PAE) – Minister of Education, Science and Technology – Marcelo Machado Ferris

7 pm – Opening lecture: “Innovation and digital culture in the classroom” – Profa. Ma Alcione Paes – Teacher with a master’s degree in Education and Environment, specializing in public administration.

August 11

9 a.m. – Opening table

9:30 AM – “Seja Luz” Show – Cultural Animation – SEDUCT

Ten o’clock – Conference: Basic Education Network in a Regional Perspective – Education Trustees in Municipalities

Marcelo Machado Ferris – Campos dos Goytacazes

Leandra Lopez – Mackay

Alda Valéria Rezende – Italva

Angelica Rodriguez – Sao Joao da Barra

Robson Santana – San Francisco de Itababuana

Helena Lima – Qaisama

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Edgard Monzato Almeida – Cardoso Moreira

Carla Natalia Gomez Marinho Trampaul-Buzios

11 am – Lecture – “The Importance of Entrepreneurial Behavior in School” – Paula Alexandresky – Economist, MBA in People Management, SIPRA Consultant.

12:00 to 14:00 – Lunch

2pm – Round Table – “Lessons from Face-to-Face x Distance Teaching”

Coordinator a. Dr. Carlos Henrique Medeiros de Sousa, Doctor of Communication and Media, Professor at Norte Fluminense State University-UENF

3:30 PM – Coffee break

16:00 – Round table – “Digital ICT in Education”

Coordinators: Prof. Dr. Susana da Hora Macedo, PhD in Education Informatics, IFF Professor, Under-Secretary for Science and Technology at SEDUCT-Campos and Professor. Dr. Larissa Cristina Cruz-Brum, Ph.D., Cognition and Language, MA Professor of Teaching and Techniques-IFF

17:30 – break

18:30 – Lecture – “Being a Teacher Today: Challenges and Achievements”

a. Dr. Sergio Viana da Paixao – Doctor of Psychology, Doctor of Arts from the University of Maringa, and Leader of the Research Group in Teaching, Culture, Language and Technologies – IFPR/CNPq.

August 12

9:00 am – Conference – “The Relationship Between Basic Education and Higher Education” – Representatives of Higher Education Institutions

a. Dr. Olney Vieira da Motta – Dean of Guidance – UENF

a. Dr. Carlos Artur Arias – Dean of Education – IFF

a. Dr. Rodrigo Monteiro – Deputy Director – UFF-Campos

Doctor teacher. Lia Hasenclever- Coordinator of the MSc and PhD Program in Regional Planning and City Management- UCAM

a. Luiz Cayetano – Director – Estácio Campos

10:30 am – EFEM: A space to build the professionalism of teaching for social transformation –

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Teacher Ma Talita da Silva Ernesto- MA and PhD student in Cognition and Language- UENF, teacher in the Campos dos Goytacazes Municipal Network and Director of the Training School for Municipal Teachers- EFEM

11 hours – Lecture – “The GDPR and its Impact on the Education System” – TJMG Legal Judge – Ma Alinne Arquette

12:00 to 14:00 – Lunch

2 p.m. – Round Table – “Higher Education and its Interfaces in Teaching, Research and Extension Training –

Doctor teacher. Rosalee Santos Crespo Istoe, Ph.D. in Children’s and Women’s Health, Professor at UENF; a. Dr. Carlos Henrique Medeiros, Doctor of Communication and Media, Professor at UNF; a. Dr. Victor Flores, Doctor of Biosciences and Biotechnology, Professor at UNF

3:30 PM – Coffee break

16:00 – Exhibition of Successful Experiences

18:00 – Prizes for the authors of the exhibition of successful experiences.