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The OpenAI GPT store is free for all users

The OpenAI GPT store is free for all users

OpenAI is in the launch phase. At the conference where it presented the new GPT-4o, the company also announced that the GPT Store will become free and thus available to all users who want to use the chatbots available there.

After 4 months of activation, the GPT store becomes free

The GPT Store was launched in January 2024 by Crédito@OpenAI

The announcement was made by the company's chief technology officer, Mira Moratti. From now on, the GPT Store is free to use custom chatbots.

Recall that OpenAI launched this store in January of this year and only four months later opened access to all users. Initially, the service was intended for paid subscriptions, but apparently, OpenAI wants to expand its use and is now making the service available for free.

Although they have only been a paid service for four months, some of the GPT Store chatbots – known informally as GPTs – have become very popular. Two good examples are a bot specifically designed to create logos and a consensus bot that aims to aid scientific research.

What is GPT Store?

In practice, the GPT Store works like an app store. The difference is that in the GPT Store, users have access to customized versions of ChatGPT, i.e. specialized in a specific topic or area.

There are some things that are already known among users. For example, Canva. This was one of the first creations of the GPT shop and helps produce posters, graphics and logos.

The Dall-E bot is also popular because it has now been integrated into the ChatGPT AI platform. This bot helps users create images using prompts provided by users.

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These are just a few of the examples that have been very successful, but the GPT store is loaded with millions of AI tools that can now be used for free.