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Imagem de condutor Tesla com implante de chip na mão

The owner of a Tesla car implants in his hand a chip that represents his car key

Tesla came to popularize the use of NFC technology for the driver so that he could unlock and start the car. There is a card that allows you to do this operation, a “key”, and even a smartphone has this ability. Therefore, some owners of such electric cars thought of something simpler. And what about a programmed chip implant that allows you to turn on and off a Tesla?

That’s what Brandon Dalali did. It has implanted a technology, VivoKey Apex, which allows it to be incorporated into the body without any health problems.

VivoKey Apex Chip: Always keep your Tesla key close at hand

This type of transplant isn't even new some more daring. We have already talked several times about the most radical people who do not want to use cards or keys and put "inside themselves", under their skin, a technology that acts as a key.

In the case we show you today, Brandon Dalley, owner of Tesla, wanted to insert the microchip in his right hand. Now, you just have to use your hand to unlock the car and give the command to unlock it to start.

As we can see in the video below, Dalali explained how the slide implant procedure was performed by a professional. Backstage was reported by news portal Business Insider.

The 39-year-old American has embraced Vivokey's biochip technology, which is known for providing on-chip solutions that can act as identity tokens.

The chip, called the VivoKey Apex, is covered with a biocompatible material and uses the same Near Field Communication (NFC) that makes digital payment systems like Apple Pay possible.

American hands open the doors

After the quick procedure, which cost $400 (about €400), Dalaly used the back of his hand to unlock the Tesla. In his words, this chip is not his first transplant. In her left hand, Dalali has a smaller chip that stores contact information, medical information, and her home key.

Dalaly, a tech professional, is participating in a beta group of about 100 people to test the chip and its various features. According to the company's website, the VivoKey Apex is a "secure NFC chip that runs small programs called the Java Card".

This type of technology has been indicated for several uses, even in monitoring people's vital signs. Here the idea is to "never forget your car key at home".

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