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The Palworld game server costs approximately $500,000 per month and cannot fail

The Palworld game server costs approximately $500,000 per month and cannot fail

Much has been said about Palworld which, despite only being released in Early Access format, has already won over thousands of players across the four corners of the planet. But, did you know that a Japanese game server costs nearly $500,000 a month and that the network engineer in charge is under orders to never go down no matter what?

It costs approximately $500,000 per month to run a Palworld server!

Palworld is one of the current hottest events in the gaming world and recent information indicates that the Japanese game Pocket Pair already has 19 million players, more than the population of the Netherlands.

But all this requires significant support at the hardware and software levels, and as such, at the News Now they reveal that the Palworld server costs approximately $500,000 per month to run, and specifically, it costs $478,000 to get everything working perfectly.

Moreover, the gaming company is doing its best to ensure that nothing fails, as it is also reported that the network engineer responsible for the system has orders to never let the server crash “no matter what.”

These data became known through a publication made by the CEO of Pocket Pair on the social networkMaybe we could go bankrupt due to server fees?".

But, while that value is too high for the average consumer, Pocket Pair probably isn't too worried, as the creator also said he's sold around 12 million copies of Palworld on Steam. Each game costs about $30, which equates to $360 million so far... not counting Xbox sales.

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