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The party is the party.  Ines Heredia responds after being accused of "fat phobia"

The party is the party. Ines Heredia responds after being accused of “fat phobia”

UA scene from the TV series “Festa é Festa” makes way, but not for the best reasons. The actress starred as the life-giving character Eni Heredia, Nellenha, as she responded to all criticism with a video that she posted on her Instagram account.

“I am making this video because of some comments that have appeared on my social networks due to the work being developed with my character Nelinha, in the soap opera“ festa é Festa ”, he started to present it.

“Comments have to accuse us, we – those of us who develop personality -“ gordophobia ”, put it in context, using an expression that has become popular to denote prejudice related to people of above average weight.

“I wanted to say three things about this: The first is that I am totally” against “any kind of comment about being overweight or underweight, precisely because I have already suffered from an adequate eating disorder,” he notes.

“The second point: all the phrases that you saw on the broadcast where Nellina refers to someone’s weight, fat, skinny, all of these intrusions are my improvisations. If you need to blame someone, then blame me for improvising them. Suggestion, it’s my fault,” If there is any mistake“, Let her continue.

“The third thing is that throughout the history of film, theater, television and even literature, and especially in comedy, but in the depths of all styles, there is a lot of this character who bully with everything that surrounds her,” she recalls. , Giving examples of current series such as “A Very Modern Family”.

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“Nelinha is a bully, nobody believes what she says. In the scenes in which she does this, all the other characters who gave her the opposite find that it is absolutely unbelievable. Nobody here on this side tries to perpetuate a huge bias on the contrary, our society He is trying to prove his existence, “he continues.

“This woman is able to be one of the most unfortunate characters in this plot, for a simple reason: she is completely obsessed with the image and especially the image that she does not have and which she would like to have. Others are everything she would like to be. Idea after idea, because her life is not good with what she does.” It is enough.You need to make fun of others because you are unhappy. […] This person exists and must cease to exist. In order for it to cease to exist, it is necessary to mock it and this is what I do with Neelinha, “she adds.

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