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HomescienceThe patient who underwent an unprecedented pig kidney transplant was discharged from...

The patient who underwent an unprecedented pig kidney transplant was discharged from the hospital – Observer

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The first human to undergo a genetically modified pig kidney transplant is in good health and was discharged from hospital on Wednesday. Richard Suleiman (62 years old) left the hospital two weeks after the unprecedented surgery.

The first pig kidney transplant to a live patient in the United States

According to the The New York TimesThe kidney that Suleiman received is working well, as it produces urine, removes blood waste, balances body fluids, and performs many other important functions.

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Richard Solomon stated, in a statement issued by Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, that the moment he left the hospital “was a moment” that he had waited for “many years.” “Now it has become a reality,” he expressed.

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The 62-year-old also thanked the doctors and nurses who treated him, stressing that he received “exceptional care.” He added: “Today represents a new beginning, not only for me, but for them as well [pacientes com problemas renais que esperam transplante]Solomon said.

David Klassen, chief physician of the Organ Sharing Network, which is responsible for the organ transplant system in the United States, stressed that “there is still a lot of work to be done,” but Suleiman's case shows that “there is potential” in organ transplantation, which could “benefit a large number of patients.”

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Although the first signs are clearly positive, Klassen told the New York Times that it is still not certain that Suleiman's body will not reject the transplanted organ.

The operation was supervised by Brazilian doctor Leonardo V. Riella who was in EarthHe said that the medical team “worked for months to make the transplant a success.” “Seeing him leave the hospital and being able to go home with a healthy kidney is a great feeling,” the doctor said.

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