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The PCP wants to hear the Secretary of Union and Science about scholarship holders

The PCP wants to hear the Secretary of Union and Science about scholarship holders

The Communist Parliamentary Group wants the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Science to listen to the Association of Scientific Research Fellows (ABIC), the National Union of Teachers (FENPROF) and the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor.

In the application, the PCP states that it intends to address issues such as “extension of all research grants” due to the covid-19 crisis, “final letter delivery fees”, “compliance with extending deadlines for submission of thesis” and opening new editions of calls to encourage individual scientific employment (CEEC) and Scientific Research and Technology Development Projects (IC & DT) in 2021.

These are the demands of the scholarship holders, who demonstrated in front of the Ministry of Science, in Lisbon, on April 16, which the Communists now want to deal with in the hearings.

They stated in a statement that workers with fixed-term contracts and stock exchange contracts “have been severely affected by measures to combat the epidemic,” namely the closure of institutions, restrictions on trading and the need to support dependent family members.

In the text, Rep. Anna Mesquita and Alma Rivera argue that the ABIC and FENPROF meeting with Manuel Hitor has taken place on April 16, but so far without results.

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