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The PepsiCo plant in Portugal will test the innovative cleaning system

The PepsiCo plant in Portugal will test the innovative cleaning system

The PepsiCo plant in Portugal, located in Carregado, will test an innovative cleaning and hygiene system. The new electrochemical technology solution is more sustainable, smarter and safer than conventional solutions, and was developed by Ozo Innovations, the result of a partnership between the brand and the British startup.

Ozo elocube converts cold water and salt, through electrolysis, into a chemical solution intended for cleaning and disinfection. If successful, the technology will revolutionize cleaning processes, reducing the use of chemicals, water and energy.

Fernando Moraga, PepsiCo Country Director in Portugal, said in a statement that “With great enthusiasm we will be incorporating this new hygiene solution into our unit in Carregado. This project by PepsiCo Labs in partnership with Ozo Innovations will be another important step towards continuing to make our plant a model in terms of sustainability and positive change for our customers and our planet. By embracing these smart partnerships, we can launch innovative solutions, and play our part in developing technological innovations that benefit everyone.

This partnership is one of several that PepsiCo recently announced with several digital startups, with the goal of improving and developing sustainable solutions in its value chain, through the PepsiCo Labs programme. Following the results of these first trials, PepsiCo intends to scale successful technologies across its value chain through 2023 and beyond.

PepsiCo has selected five other digital startups that have provided innovative solutions related to sustainability, and will work in other units of the brand. are they industrial pulse and the Brainbauer, whose devices detect malfunctions and steam leaks through an artificial intelligence system; The UBQ Materials, which takes household waste — including organic matter and non-recyclable plastic — reduces it to its basic natural component and turns it into a climate-positive thermoplastic; The Security matters, which Development of an invisible “tags” system that allows physical and digital traceability to identify, track and classify packaging waste, linked to a system blockchain. and the who is entrusted It provides electrochemical treatment of wastewater to remove pathogens and organic and inorganic pollutants in the water, using less energy.

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