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the pictures.  Prince Hussein’s amazing wedding

the pictures. Prince Hussein’s amazing wedding

hHussein Al-Urduni, 28 years old, the eldest son of Kings Abdullah and Rania, and his bride, Rajawa Al-Saif, said “I do” this Thursday, June 1, at a ceremony that “stopped” the country.

The wedding took place at Zahran Palace, Amman, with around 140 guests in attendance, including members of European royal families, as was the case with Honorary Kings Juan Carlos and Sofia of Spain, as well as Prince William of Wales. and Princess Kate Middleton.

Hussein married in military uniform. On the other hand, the bride chose a dress with an asymmetrical cut, with long sleeves, which enhanced her silhouette, with the signature of Elie Saab. A veil, several meters long, completed the beautiful look. The bride, who is an architect, also wore a diamond tiara.

After the end of the religious service, which followed Islamic traditions, the couple and the guests headed in a procession to the Husseiniya Palace, where the wedding ceremony took place, attended by 1,700 guests.

The bride and groom traveled in an open car while waving to the people who had gathered to see them.

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